Individuals and Families Supporting the Resonance Community of Believers.

It is our mission to encourage, equip, and inspire contemplative believers as they seek to love God with their whole heart, soul and mind in the diverse places that He has called them. We invite you to join us in this work by investing in Resonance as a monthly supporter. It is our great pleasure then to provide our partners in ministry with resource collections designed to foster theological reflection and the incarnate response of Christian discipleship.

Printed Volumes

Arriving with the Turning of the Seasons

Each journal volume contains nine articles addressing a single theological theme from diverse vantage points. Printed in full color using high quality paper, every issue also features a variety of Christian artists and their work directly related to the theological discussion.

The number of volumes sent each quarter depends on the support level.

Digital Sub-Accounts

Complete Access for Your Friends and Family

Give complete digital access to your contemplative friends. Create sub-accounts as a supporter and offer direct access to the Resonance library online. It’s like giving away free digital subscriptions!

Online Library

Begin reading and join the conversation anytime, anywhere.

Learning Guides

Cultivating Deeper Reflection & Discussion

Workbooks designed to supplement and enhance reader engagement with the content of each Resonance volume. Our goal is for readers to explore each journal theme and its implications for whole-life discipleship. God has created us to learn and grow not just through acquiring knowledge, but by connecting that knowledge to our own lived experiences. In other words, our faith becomes real when it is acted upon in our everyday lives; and as we act upon that faith, our knowledge and conviction deepens and grows.

Exercises in these Learning Guides are best completed in a small group, where dialogue, questions, and stories can flow in a respectful and safe environment.

Annual Bound Volumes

Enduring the Test of Time

Add Resonance to your permanent library in the form of a beautifully printed hardback book containing all four volumes from the previous year. Enjoy the simple pleasure of reading a book crafted to stand the test of time.

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