Deliver us, Lord God Almighty!

Spur reform and bring renewal,

The Power from the heavens,

To turn people back to Father;

For this we pray and work.


Praise you, Lord God Almighty!

You grant showers of awakening,

Divine energy to faithfully suffer

And stand in the gap for others;

To this many gave their lives.


Thank you, Lord God Almighty!

The fruit of the implanted seed

Grows and ripens as lives change,

Magnifying the glory of Christ

Through the testimony and Blood.


Strengthen us, Lord God Almighty!

For the days are swirling with evil

And the lawless plot and scheme,

Perverting your holy Word to

Justify satisfying their own ways.


Correct us, Lord God Almighty!

Like the forbearers of faith from

Generations now long past,

We poorly perceive our faults,

Misconstruing your just commands.


Enlighten us, Lord God Almighty!

Speak oh Spirit of Truth the Word,

Convict and convince and woo us

With your fiery holy love,

So we will give ourselves to you.


Unite us, Lord God Almighty!

Shake all that can be shaken,

Till God’s love is our assurance,

Our identity is rooted in Christ,

And our wills confirmed to obey.

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