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Table of Contents

  • A Deeper Way by Carrie Akemann
  • The Fabric of Evangelical Faith in the Russian Empire by Dr. Scott D. Edgar
  • The Evangel in the Synoptic Gospels by Rev. Gary Stokes
  • What is the Evangelical Tradition? by Dr. Javier Garcia
  • Global Evangelicals by Dr. Miriam Adeney
  • Evangelicalism: A New Via Media by Micah Lunsford
  • One Gospel to Rule Them All by Daniel Litzenberg
  • What Happens when Buddhists Follow Jesus? by Marie Bauer
  • Evangelicals in Sunday School by Rev. Kirstin Vlodica

Welcome to the Spring 2018 Volume

In this volume, we explore the question “what is evangelical?” through the various lenses of liturgy, theology, history, Scripture, missiology, and witness. Here at Resonance, “evangelical” is one of our core organizational values, but we recognize the term can be fraught with misunderstanding and confusion. Indeed, evangelical means different things to different people in different contexts, and so our goal in this volume is to introduce ideas that spark reflection, dialogue, and action. We invite you on this journey of joy and discovery as we explore what evangelical means for God’s work in our lives and for the world.

We hope you enjoy exploring this volume!


Dr. Brant Himes
Managing Editor

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