Autumn (Vol 5.3) – The Holy Spirit


  • Thresholds of the Spirit: Remembering Peter and Cornelius in an Age of Tribalism by Rev. Dr. Kevin Hall
  • The Holy Spirit by Dr. Madalyn and Dr. Edward Allen
  • John Henry Newman on the Indwelling Spirit: Implications for Theology and Spirituality by Fr. Matthew Kemp
  • “You and I As One” by Rebecca Kylie Law
  • The Closet Mystic by Erin M. Hall
  • Why did Jesus get Baptized? An Exegesis of Luke 3:21-22 by Ann Gillian Chu
  • The Slow, Subtle Work of the Holy Spirit by Bryan and Rachel Hehr

Summer (Vol 5.2) – Missio Dei


  • Liturgy as Missio Dei by Fr. Porter Taylor
  • Faithfulness to Mission in the Mire of Failure by Rev. Todd Korpi
  • Killing Ourselves for Jesus by Rev. Dr. Aaron Maurice Saari
  • Commentary on “Light in the Asphalt Jungle” by Erica Hunt
  • Reading the Missio Dei in John 1 by Fr. Shawn McCain
  • The Missio Dei of Building a Poem by Rebecca Kylie Law
  • Understanding Jeremiah’s Loss of Heart in Light of God’s Call by Dr. Gail Hutchinson
  • God in the City by Rev. Lisette Fraser
  • Awakening to Behold the Image A Poem by Jason Caywood

Spring (Vol 5.1) – What is Ecumenical?


  • Prayer for Unity in Diversity by Corey Janz
  • Participating in the Body of Christ by Rachel Richardson
  • No Other Gospel: Pauline Essentials for Unity by Rev. Jason Koon
  • The Persecuted Church in the Former Soviet Union by Dr. Scott Edgar
  • Embracing Mere Christianity by Rev. Dr. Bryan Burton
  • E Pluribus Unum: A Vision of Unity by Rev. Dr. Robert Cornwall
  • Living As a “Together” by Rev. Gary Stokes
  • Ecumenism Right Where We Live by Dr. Karen Wilk
  • Branches by City Psalms


Winter (Vol 4.4) – Spiritual Formation


  • The Need for Simultaneous Challenge and Support by Rev. Drew Poppleton
  • A Cliff, Some Rope, and the Counterintuitive Nature of Faith by Dana Hallin
  • The Hidden Conversion by Dr. Kevin Hall
  • Rethinking Personal Holiness by Rev. Jason Koon
  • Hope: The Enduring Call of Christian Discipleship by Dr. Brant M. Himes
  • Spiritual Companionship in Times of Ambiguity and Transition by Dr. Gail Hutchinson
  • Announcing God’s Presence Through Narration and Dialogue by Ann Gillian Chu
  • Authentic Conversation: The Key To Spiritual Formation by Rev. Dr. Donald Minter
  • Practice Makes Christians by Sean Kiilehua

Autumn (Vol 4.3) – The Trinity


  • Liturgy and Trinity: A Conversation by Tara and Eric Lopez
  • Trinitarian Suffering and Comfort by Rev. David Drum
  • Practical Trinitarianism by Rev. Jason Koon
  • Is there any Historical Support for Spirit Baptism? by Ann Gillian Chu
  • The Trinitarian Journey by Rev. Dr. Bryan Burton
  • The Trinity in All of Life by Rev. Robin Martin
  • Finding the Trinity in the Old Testament by Rev. Gary Burnhauser
  • Through the Eyes of a Child by Carrie Akemann
  • On Trinitarian Worship by Rev. Porter Taylor

Summer (Vol 4.2) – Christianity and Culture

Featuring: Jeremy Hunt, John Friberg, Jason Caywood, Ann Gillian Chu, Rev. Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, Dr. Agnes Chiu, Mary Sayler, Rev. David Drum, and Dana Mahan. 

Spring (Vol 4.1) – What is Evangelical?

Featuring: Carrie Akemann, Dr. Scott Edgar, Rev. Gary Stokes, Dr. Javier Garcia, Dr. Miriam Adeney, Micah Lunsford, Daniel Litzenberg, Marie Bauer, and Rev. Kirstin Vlodica. 


Winter (Vol 3.4) – Sabbath: Rest as Resistance

Featuring: Fr. Porter Taylor, Rev. Christopher De Haan, Dr. Markus Watson, Marie Teilhard, Dr. Pamela Scalise, Soohwan Park, Redmond Mar, Christin Roberson, J. Mark Bowers, Diane Fairfield, and Lauren Hunter. 

Autumn (Vol 3.3) – Christ the Center

Featuring: Fr. Shawn McCain, Dr. Richard Durfield, Rev. Lisette & Kyle Fraser, Eric Byishimo, Dr. Brant Himes, Jason Caywood, Dr. John E. Johnson, Gwendolyn Lo, Janneke Burger-Niemeijer, Diane Fairfield, Julia Swarstad Johnson, and Alia Merrill. 

Spring (Vol 3.1) – Identity

Featuring: Chris DeHaan, Bethany Joy Kim, Richard Crocker, Jason Caywood, Dana Mahan, Gary Stokes, Dane Miller, and Rebecca Thompson. 


Winter (Vol 2.4) – Presence

Featuring: Julie Forbes, Curt Lunsford, Jamie Wilson, Adam Gossman, Karen Wilk, Dana Mahan, Shirin McArthur, Timo Towne, and Jason Caywood. 

Autumn (Vol 2.3) – The City

Featuring: Colby & Karen Henley, Fr. Chris Schutte, Dr. Michael McNichols, Ryan Castillo, Pastor David Drum, and Zach Yentzer. 

Summer (Vol 2.2) – Community: Living in Relationship

Featuring: Rev. Mike Begley, Dana Hallin, Rev. Curt Lunsford, Fr. Austin Mansfield, Joshua Valley, Ryan Castillo, Stefan Robinson, and Shirin McArthur. 

Spring (Vol 2.1) – Encountering the Stranger

Featuring: Fr. Peter Forbes, Rev. Dr. Markus Watson, Rev. Gary Stokes, Micah Lunsford, Jason Caywood, Anna Stokes, and Cherie Gray. 


Winter (Vol 1.2) – Location

Featuring: Andre Castillo, Julie Forbes, Martin Robinson, Porter Taylor, John Cheek, Markus Watson, Brian Freeman, Curt & Heather Lunsford, Meg Newberg, Pete Seiferth, and Susan Stokes. 

Resonance Theological Journal Fall 2015 Kairos

Fall (Vol 1.1) – Kairos: Seeking the Rhythm of God’s Time

Featuring: Brian Goodall, Dave Drum, Matt Rundio, Gary Stokes, Curt Lunsford, Pete Seiferth, Anna Stokes, Megan Goodman, and Rachel Lunsford. 

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