Kairos: Seeking the Rhythm of God’s Time

Autumn 2015

Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

Thank you for supporting the vision of Resonance: A Theological Journal! I am excited by the growing community of readers joining together to seek God as one body.

Resonance is dedicated to pursuing God’s truth within a community of Christian disciples who are committed to ecumenical generosity, historic orthodoxy and growing closer to God. As such, the goal of this project is to encourage learning and conversation across the various strands of the Christian faith. Each author or artist offers a unique perspective rooted in a particular theological tradition and informed by his or her own life experiences. Their insights are diverse and yet they are drawn together by their common love for God and commitment to serve Him with every facet of their being.

I pray that you are encouraged and refreshed through these pages as you reflect with us on the nature of time and our experience of it as Christian disciples. May everything that is said bring glory to God and bind His disciples more closely together into the one Body of Christ.

Your servant in Christ,

Micah Lunsford
Managing Editor