The City

Autumn 2016

Letter from the Editor

Dear Reader,

In this volume of Resonance, I invite you to consider the significance of the city for the people of God. The city is a symbol of human creativity, culture, and the best of civilization. It is also a symbol for depravity, poverty, and human corruption. In either light, the city stands as an important symbol and a very significant, concrete reality within which human life is both valued and destroyed on a daily basis.

Throughout the scriptural narrative, we find God caring about cities and regularly engaging them. The significance of the city of Jerusalem, for instance, can hardly be overstated in biblical theology. Moreover, in our current time, more than half of the world’s population live in urban areas. It is clear that the city is a key context within which human life and God’s action coincide on a daily basis all over the world.

In the pages ahead, we will explore the theological ramifications of the city as a context for human life and Christian discipleship. I hope that the various perspectives offered in the following articles captivate your interest and encourage you to think more deeply about the unique opportunities of life lived in the city. May the Holy Spirit awaken in each of us a new love for our urban neighbors and reveal to us the manifold ways that He is already at work in the places we live.

Your servant in Christ,

Micah Lunsford
Managing Editor