Redeeming Our Millennial Obsession

Thanks and praise are due to you holy Father!

The wonder and challenge of Scripture’s

Testimony draws me in to desire to hear you,

To listen, to study, to meditate upon you word,

And to receive in the spirit in your Presence.


There are dimensions of truth about the coming

Age that I cannot get my mind to understand,

To say nothing of actually comprehending;

The word speaks of this in glimpses through

Words and ideas carefully employed.


With the angels I long to look into the great

Mysteries of your labor of salvation,

To see and connect the black and white

Still shots of the prophetic revelation;

For in this is truth you will uncover.


Your promises and covenant are sure and 

You will fulfill them in the Lord Christ;

Much of the reality of your promise is

Beyond us now to see or perceive,

Yet we know enough to strengthen faith.


Never have you been idle since that day,

When you took the throne of the heavens

To reign over the earth you had made.

The Father is always at work fashioning,

As also with him the Son and the Spirit!


Through skies of cloudy metaphors,

And word pictures set juxtaposed,

You have pointed us toward true north,

To the path as ancient as Adam and Eve;

Calling us to lift our heads to the One.


Come living flame to burn and purge,

Exalt the holy Name of the Son!

We wait for him so to be taken as his bride

And take our positions to reign on earth,

In fulfillment of the covenant promises.


Blessed be the Triune God forever!

Through Christ’s blood we are owned,

So we can fulfill our original purpose,

In the Image to be partakers of Deity,

Reflecting God’s glory age upon age.


Worthy of our praise are you, Holy Spirit!

We ask you to come and guide us now,

In practicing true righteousness and holiness,

Preparing us in this life to reign and

Administer justice to the nations in the Age.  


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