Ministry Resources Institute is a 501c3 ministry development incubator. We started 25 years ago, when Founder and Director Dana Yentzer was a young church planter. His small church desired a way to fast-track people into works of ministry and mission, with theological and Biblical study at a local level and committed to the city and community. MRI was born!

Today, we’re still at it, providing each and every student an intensive, accelerative, training experience that focuses on three key areas. A dominant emphasis on Biblical study fuels ministry and leadership development, with collaborative partnerships to expand influence and impact.

We are committed to not discriminating God’s call of ministry or an interest in the Word of God based on disability, race, color, religion/religious beliefs, gender, age, national origin, or any other identifiers considered legally protected under US law. We are a multidenomational ministry that relies on effective Biblical study to create unity in the Body of Christ.