Bible Translations and Identity, Part 2

I began this essay ( with the intention of mainly surveying the historical phenomena of how Christian people’s sense of identity has been closely associated with the…

Identity and Biblical Interpretation, Part 2

My wife and I lived in Oregon, west of Portland, for several years. This was an adventure in many ways for us but one thing I noticed while there was that the rules of the road were different from Arizona. Here is what I mean: While driving…

Identity and Biblical Interpretation, Part 1

Many years ago, when I was an Undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, I and a friend had a most remarkable conversation with a man. We met him while walking across the University of Arizona campus after attending church on a Sunday;…

The Most Surprising Stranger, Part 1

One of the most remarkable facts of human behavior that I have observed is that human beings are profoundly ignorant of themselves. In asserting this I do not assume that such ignorance of self is necessarily sin. For while ignorance of oneself…

Face Off

Let me tell you about the time my family and I went camping. The rest of the family went across the river to set up camp, and I found myself alone through the night. Suddenly I found myself wrestling with a stranger. All night we struggled.…

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