A Question of Terminology, Part 2

Since the beginning of my conscious journey of faith toward Christ I have found an interest in words. This was not the case up to that pivotal point in time in high school when I encountered the Lord personally. However, the Father gave me a…
Resonance Vol 3.3

The Mystery of Our Religion

Paul makes a remarkable statement in writing to his son in the faith Timothy. This is one of those pithy theological statements, which are scattered through Paul’s letters, that remind me of a hymn of praise; these are either written by Paul…
How Christ Suffers Through the Church

How Christ Suffers Through the Church, Part 1

The fact of suffering in human life has been a source of great irritation, perplexity and spurred much theological debate throughout human history. Thanks be to God that the Scripture does not shy away from the reality of suffering. While I…
Theological Convictions

When Theological Convictions Go Bad, Part 3

Now that I have tackled this incident regarding the Lord’s Supper from Church history and intentionally highlighted points I think are relevant to it I want to draw some general conclusions about the subject of theological convictions. And…

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