Paradox Idiom

Having been in the Orthodox Church for 23 years, I recognize a great gift received in that time. Specifically, I’ve acquired an additional lens with which to behold the wonder of God’s movement in time. This way of seeing, this lens, is…

The Foundation for True Progress

One of the most important yet also most vacuous term used by modern Western people is “progress.” This term is bantered about in popular writing as well as by academics in the Universities and even by judges in the United States courts.…
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Heresy Hunting and the Gospel

There are regrettably many examples of what I call heresy hunting in the history of Christianity. These instances have usually followed closely upon periods when Christian leaders had recently attempted to clarify some aspect of doctrine or…
Truth-Telling and Sin

The Core of Christian Orthodoxy, Part 1

This and the next blog are my attempts to bring some conclusion to the series on “True Spirituality.” I have probably provoked more questions than I have answered but that is the point of the blogs—to write on a variety of theological…
Discerning the True Church

Discerning the True Church, Part 1

One recurring debate throughout the history of the Christian Church has surrounded the question, “How can we know what is the true Church?” and “What are the marks of the true Church?” The specific theological questions or matters of…

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Christology of the Creeds