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Sabbath Keeping as Sanctification, Part 2

Thus far I have been presenting (see my reflections regarding the essential purpose of the biblical commands to keep Sabbath. And also why theologically it makes the…
Resonance Theological Journal Incarnation Jesus Athanasius

Sabbath Keeping as Sanctification, Part 1

The meaning of Sabbath has been on my mind much lately as I was able to take some down time due to the Christmas. The more I consider what it may mean to keep the Sabbath the more I have turned toward the human body and the doctrine of sanctification.…

The Heart of Sabbath

I have for many years been perplexed about the passages in Scripture regarding the Sabbath. Part of my response has been due directly to the fact that the church tradition I was raised in never taught about the Sabbath and so I was never given…
Red Cliffs Park by Bob Wick

The Beauty of Biblical Revelation

I have been studying the Bible since I was a Junior in high school. Prior to that I had almost no interest in reading or making a serious study of the Bible. I had been exposed to Scripture as I grew up, through participation in churches, but…
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Theological Underpinnings of Bible Translation, Part 2

The work which Christians put their minds and hands to is motivated by their beliefs. And their beliefs are expressed in their theology. Why else do we, of all people, seek to work for good on behalf of others except that our theological convictions…

Bible Translations and Identity, Part 2

I began this essay ( with the intention of mainly surveying the historical phenomena of how Christian people’s sense of identity has been closely associated with the…

Bible Translations and Identity, Part 1

Language is acknowledged generally as of primary importance for people’s sense of identity as individuals and as groups. Academics have labored to demonstrate this truth and its significance. The average person can deduce this from thoughtful…

Identity and Biblical Interpretation, Part 1

Many years ago, when I was an Undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, I and a friend had a most remarkable conversation with a man. We met him while walking across the University of Arizona campus after attending church on a Sunday;…
Theological Convictions

When Theological Convictions Go Bad, Part 3

Now that I have tackled this incident regarding the Lord’s Supper from Church history and intentionally highlighted points I think are relevant to it I want to draw some general conclusions about the subject of theological convictions. And…

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