A Question of Terminology, Part 1

When it comes to theological discussion and writing, like everything else in human life, the terminology is essential to understand. Disagreements over theology often, but not always, come down to meanings associated with the words we use to…

Identity and Biblical Interpretation, Part 1

Many years ago, when I was an Undergraduate student at the University of Arizona, I and a friend had a most remarkable conversation with a man. We met him while walking across the University of Arizona campus after attending church on a Sunday;…
Theological Convictions

When Theological Convictions Go Bad, Part 1

In the history of the Christian Church and the development of Christian theology people who otherwise agreed doctrinaly have sharply disagreed over certain questions. The most infamous is the nature of the Lord’s Supper or Communion or the…
Resonant Theology in Public

The Necessity of Truth in Theology and Life

I have endeavored to be a student of history (that of the Church and of dominant world cultures and empires). This study has led me to one dominant insight which is very helpful in understanding my own behavior and that of others. Namely that…
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The Nature of Time According to St. Augustine

Augustine of Hippo was a remarkable man in many ways. He bravely explored questions that most people would not think to ask let alone write books about. His courage is probably why his ideas have had such a powerful influence upon generations…

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