Jeremy Hunt

The tools of Jeremy Hunt’s trade are wood and wire, fingers and voice, and instruments run through tubes, circuitry, and speakers. The resulting sounds are rooted in discordance: loud, quiet, obnoxious, and discomforting. Inspiration springs from the hardcore bands of Tremont Hall, the experimental metal community of Hydra Head Records, and the independent hip-hop of Doomtree Music. This is Hunt’s medium, and noise rock his genre-a misfit offspring of punk, rock, and hardcore. At heart, Hunt is an observer, always trying to watch and learn, which is what led him to pursue a PhD in Theology at Fuller. As he struggles to figure out the how and why of things, he undergoes a continual process of assembling and disassembling new ideas. It’s a process of give and take, ebb and flow, wherein the goal is to bring about a fresh understanding of old issues and new ways of framing theological discussions.